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Question: Do you have to be a hearing Doctor (Audiologist) to give hearing test or to sell Hearing Aids?

Answer: No, The fact is that many Hearing aid sales people have very little training or none at all to answer questions about causation or the severity of hearing loss. Only a Doctor is trained to diagnose, manage and/or treat hearing or balance problems.


Being able to hear sounds is very important to human beings. It enables us to communicate with each other and makes us feel as part of a group. Being able to hear well allows us to receive information, both from other people and from our surroundings.

Sounds can be pleasurable - the sound of nature or music, or noisy - sounds that are too loud or too uncomfortable.

The challenge of handling a hearing loss

Getting used to life with a hearing loss is challenging to most hearing aid users, both mentally and physically.

It can be difficult to accept the fact that you are more or less dependent upon one or two hearing aids and that your hearing loss is permanent. Hearing aid users also often feel that just telling other people about their needs and what others can do to help can be challenging. However, there are many ways of facing the challenges of having a hearing loss positively.

On these pages you can find examples of what you can do and what you can ask others to do in order to maintain an active life with a hearing loss.


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HOURS: MONDAY through FRIDAY 9:00am TO 5:00pm

Professional Audiology and Hearing Center, Inc.,
was established in February of 1977
KatieAnd Roger
Katie Gamerl, Au.D. and Roger McGargill, Ph.D., CCC

Over the past 33 years our practice has grown to over 8,000 active patients mainly by patients telling friends about us and our service. We earn our patient's trust to the point they tell their friends and family members.

Our philosophy continues to be, 'No one will buy a hearing aid unless they are satisfied.'


We work with four major hearing aid manufacturers. This allows us to offer every possible circuit available on the market. There are other major manufactures; however with the technology explosion. I have limited the number of manufacturers we work with so we are able to offer the latest in factory modifications or additions to their hearing aids
as well as new products.


Very new "The Mini" behind the ear hearing aids

Hearing Aid

Very new is "The Mini" behind the ear hearing aids with a very thin tube. This hearing aid almost eliminates the “plugged up” feeling as well as your voice sounding much different.
Some patients tell me the “barrel sound” of their own voice disappears.
Patients surprise me at how much these aids give them
a much more natural sound.
I must caution you. These aids are for only mild to moderate hearing losses.

We have access to all of the above styles
and technologies.

We will discuss your hearing problem with you and help you determine which style and technology to try. We will then let you try these aids in your different listening environments to see if they indeed help you.

Our prices, in most cases, have been lower than our competition. We are below the national average with our costs.
From $1,395.00 for the basic circuit.